appleA follow up for those who may have been traumatised by my recent article about my Apple iMac’s sibling problems. Well I’m happy to report back that my beloved iMac has just returned home from the MacHospital and seems to be back to it’s happy and smiling self once again.

Not only that, but during the transplant surgery the surgeon kindly gave the dear thing a much bigger ticker and now can do anything with a transplanted 1.5 Terabyte hard drive ticking away inside. I can almost hear the pride calculating away just behind the screen.

I hear you asking, and yes I did have to part with some hard earned money, but what is money when it’s spent on one of your best friends?

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Apple Transplant Update
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One thought on “Apple Transplant Update

  • 01/03/2010 at 10:34 pm

    Hi Derek :) Thank God he's back ! You are so refreshing & He is adorable.

    You are right about money. Always help a friend in need.
    Money can't buy happiness but it sure helps along the way!

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