Apple Lion Steve JobsRarely do I venture into technology reviews on my blog, as I much prefer sticking my tongue firmly in my cheek and having some satirical fun. However, as a longtime Apple user I have been so disappointed with the latest incarnation of the Apple operating system that I just can’t help myself from expressing my opinion.

While all new operating systems are prone to the odd bug or two, Apple have historically done very well at delivering them relatively bug free from day one. Unfortunately, the new Lion is somewhat of a nasty little pussy cat with some very basic bugs that make working with it difficult and exasperating. The list of Apple Lion bugs include:

  • Establishing a network connection is unreliable and often needs a reboot to enable a connection.
  • The wi-fi connection drops out continually.
  • iCal syncing is hit and miss. The only way to update syncing is to add a new entry then delete.
  • Time Machine returns continual errors.
  • Very slow saving of files due to the new ‘Versions’
  • Sluggish performance on most apps.
  • Constant crashing of non-Apple apps such as Chrome.
  • Regular crashing of applications using Flash.

The list goes on, but I think I have given you a general idea of the problems and how very basic they are. My advice to any Mac users currently considering upgrading top Lion would be to wait until a few updates have been despatched by Apple. It is really a very painful user experience at present and is so un-Apple like as ‘It Doesn’t Just Work’. Luckily I have two other Macs running very happily on Snow Leopard so at least I can work.

My only hope is that Apple are not getting so big now, that they are forgetting that quality and user satisfaction made them successful. However, I have a nasty feeling that Lion was rushed out for marketing reasons to ensure the timeframe for the new iOS5 and iPhone 5 in September. If so, does it mean that the iPhone is now more important to Apple than the Mac?

Apple Lion – The Lion That Didn’t Roar
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3 thoughts on “Apple Lion – The Lion That Didn’t Roar

  • 17/08/2011 at 5:41 pm

    Sounds like its time for you to get yourself a grown up pc and OS Derek. :D

    • 17/08/2011 at 9:29 pm

      Never, never Jack. As much as I complain, I remember having to be a motor mechanic all the time with PC and Microsoft. Never again. Even in the bad times of an OS update, Mac is still much easier to manage. My complaint is because we all know we pay a premium for Mac and expect it to ‘Just work’. When it doesn’t we get a little cranky.

  • 18/08/2011 at 1:37 am

    Reminds me of the old “Hi I’m a PC, Hi I’m a Mac” commercial where the PC character was all bloated with slow software. It sounds like Mac isn’t watching his diet as he gets a little older.
    Their leadership has gone off the rails a bit lately. iPhones needed iUnderpants wrapped around them so the antenna would work and it does seem that they are pushing their software to market before it’s ready.
    I bet you’re right about rushing to coordinate with iOS5. They are putting too much energy into market domination and not enough into quality control. Kind of counter-intuitive when you consider how loyal their customer base is.
    Let’s hope they can sort themselves out before they start circling the drain.

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