Twice BittenSo at last, Antonia and Agatha have ended up in a book together. Both vampires, beautiful women and very dangerous yet vulnerable in their own ways. On the occasion of the launch of Twice Bitten by Derek Haines and Jens Kuhn, we let the two deliciously lovely ladies meet and exchange their thoughts.

Agatha: Wow, you’re so old. How does that feel?
Antonia: Well, to be honest, it feels all the same. Time doesn’t mean much to me…
Agatha: But still. I mean I’m old. But when I was born you must have been 300 years old already?
Antonia: Yes. But in the beginning I wasn’t very good at being a vampire…
Agatha: I’m still not…
Antonia: Well, that’s what I’m saying, right. 300 years is nothing. And when I was your age, I’d hardly started understanding my succubian powers.
Agatha: Yes, yes, those are so cool. Tell me more about that.
Antonia: Well, basically it’s about passion. I can feed on passion just as easily as on blood. I still need the blood to survive, my body does, but when I feed on passion, I gain extra powers…
Agatha: I wish I could do that. Can you fly?
Antonia: No, no. Nothing the like. I can alter the way people see me.
Agatha: Wow, you must save so much money on make-up.
Antonia laughs: Yes. But to be fair, there wasn’t much of that around at the time anyway. Only that horrid powder people poured all over themselves…
Agatha: You’re talking about that Casanova bloke, right? Was he really that good at seducing women?
Antonia: Well, when I met him he was fairly new at the game. But he had his wicked ideas and his house was full of salacious paintings and..
Agatha: Did you actually do it with him?
Antonia: Well you need to read the story…
Agatha: *frowns*
Antonia: But Agatha, tell me about that ghost you’re hanging out – is that how you say it? – with. I’ve never met a ghost…
Agatha: Aah yes, Mr Fipps is funny. I think I’d despair without him. But tell me, how many people have you killed?
Antonia: Sadly, I don’t know. But I try not to…I mean it’s so messy. And nowadays I’m quite disciplined, and being so old, I don’t need to drink that much. But of course, accidents happen…
Agatha: Tell me about it…, no, maybe better you didn’t. But Antonia, can I ask you something?
Antonia: Sure, my dear.
Agatha: Do you think we can live forever? I mean I know you’re more than twice as old as me, but will there be an end?
Antonia: Well, it is possible to kill us. If you know how…
Agatha: I know…but that’s not what I mean. I mean, naturally. Do you think there is an end after all?
Antonia: I don’t know. What do you think?

Do you want to meet Agatha and Antonia? Twice Bitten is available in paperback and Kindle on Amazon US and Amazon UK.

Antonia and Agatha – Pillow Talk
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