Economist ChristmasIt is reassuring to know that this holiday season, that we, the collective consumer ants who colonise this massive ant’s nest called Earth, have the opportunity to save the world from economic meltdown by spending every last cent we have on Chinese toys. Every last dollar we have on iPods, iPhones and iMacs. Every last dime on socks, cheap sexy underwear, Barbie dolls, handkerchiefs and fondue sets. Every last cent of our collective savings, retirement accounts and insurance policies on Christmas tinsel, plastic trees, imitation snow and polyurethane holly.

It is our opportunity to save the world economies after our bankers, governments, insurers, multi-nationals, economists and fast food giants had the incredible misfortune of getting hooked on greed, sub-primes, junk bonds and highly addictive bonuses. We all know how hard our governments have worked this last year in trying to get industry, commerce and financial institutions to kick their junkie bond habits. To go cold turkey. To enter rehab. Counselling. Our governments have set up money clinics. Places where our financial addicts can go when they are desperate and be injected with a few billion tax payer dollars.

So after all this hard slog, and not forgetting the pain of banker’s bonuses being reduced by 000.0001%, the economists now say that this was not enough. It is up to us ants this Christmas to save the world. The baton of responsibility to spend our collective way out of recession and depression has been passed through the hands of our stock markets, industry, commerce and governments to us.

Well I say, “Shove your baton!”

In the last year I have seen my business go flop, my friends lose their jobs, my retirement savings almost wiped out and faces of people I don’t know wracked with fear of losing their houses. I have seen unemployment queues, fire sales, desperation and anxiety. I have seen depression that is a medical affliction, not a financial term. I have now seen the long term effect of Gordon Gekko’s greed. It is not good, it is a crying shame.

This Christmas I will spend every last second of time that I have with my family and friends. Spend every last emotion on them. Spend my time thinking about how bare the tree will be this year. Spend no time at all sympathising with banks and economists.

Bah Humbug!

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An Economist’s Christmas
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2 thoughts on “An Economist’s Christmas

  • 18/11/2009 at 5:28 pm

    These are tough times, indeed. My heart goes out to those suffering. And it always seems a bit more difficult to bear during the holidays. But I think what you're saying is spot on, even through the humor:

    "It is up to us ants this Christmas to save the world."

    To me the sentiment behind this is the most important thing. Those who can…should. But more importantly, I think the focus needs to be not on spending or not spending money, but as you said:
    "This Christmas I will spend every last second of time that I have with my family and friends. Spend every last emotion on them."

  • 18/11/2009 at 5:37 pm

    I used to be an English teacher, so I know there are many more meanings to the word spend that economists want to believe.

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