apple tabletWell, when I first heard this expression, I thought it was referring to a new vitamin pill. You know, carrot extract, capsicum enriched vitamin C type to morning swallow with OJ and coffee. So why not a healthy apple pill? Would save a lot of shining and crunching. Just swallow and then an apple pill a day keeps the doctor away.

But no. This is not something to swallow. Or is it? No, not a little pill, but some kind of fantasy, mystery, half truth and totally non-existent thing that has only yet survived in the thin air of internet fantasy and yet, somehow many of us have swallowed it as truth already.

So what is this fantasy that has been labeled the Apple tablet, Apple iSlate and numerous other has at a guess names. Well, as I understand it is simply a computer. But, heavens above, without a keyboard. I suppose sort of like that other non-existent secret that turned out to be the Apple iPhone a couple of years ago.

So what will we be able to do with this as yet non-existent slab of computer? Well, as with recent Apple releases, almost anything. It will surely be Wi-Fi. 3G, super portable and Starbucks compliant. I do not even need to guess that it will connect to the iTunes store and be super capable of taking your money in a microsecond. Added to that, it would certainly be cool. Well, is there anything Apple that is not cool.

And that’s the crunch really. The cool factor. Whether the iTablet come iSlate or iBrick exists is not that important. It is that just thinking that there maybe one is enough to start thinking cool. It matters zip that Microsoft, HP and a gang of other PC friends announced a tablet this week, because PC is not cool. It’s, well, PC. So, therefore, not cool. It’s only Apple that can do cool in square electronic objects of whim, and lighten our wallets and credit cards so easily.

You have give credit where credit is due. Steve Jobs is one cool cat. To me the king of cool. So cool in fact, that he has created a direct debit to my credit card. New Apple gadget, instant debit on my credit card.

Yes, I’m Apple hooked. I admit it. But, then again, I am just so, so cool. And have a credit card balance to prove it.

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An Apple Tablet
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One thought on “An Apple Tablet

  • 17/01/2010 at 9:28 pm

    I'm mightily afraid I, too, will fall pray to the tablet.

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