rochatSometimes something is just so special, price is of no consideration. While there are many ways to waste money, spending a fortune at what must be close to the finest restaurant in the world is what I class as money well spent.

Philippe Rochat’s, Restaurant de l’Hôtel de Ville in Crissier, near Lausanne in Switzerland just has to be experienced for you to understand how food can truly become art. I am certainly not a food or restaurant critic, nor am I in anyway a gastronomic expert. But I would describe myself as being somewhat epicurean and know when I am impressed.

The restaurant itself wins no great prizes for decor or grandeur. In some respects I think this is a good thing because the two most important aspects can shine through. The food and the service. Both are totally out of this world.

During our last dinner there, I saw a few diners actually taking photos of each course as it was served to them. I can understand why. Each plate is an absolute work of art. In design, colour, texture, geometry and perspective. I remember one course in particular. A six piece cube of cardon enclosing a vegetable custard, floating in a spinach mouse. It defied physics and gravity. I didn’t want to spoil the beauty of it by eating it. But in the end I did of course.

We lost count of the number of exquisite courses that were included, but by the time we were at around number ten and new courses were still coming, we knew we had not wasted a cent.

The service was impeccable. A quick head count had me at about a ratio of one waiter per two guests, though arithmetic is not my strong point. Towards the end of our meal Phillipe Rochat came and greeted all his guests, one by one, and I found him to be a very gentle and modest man.

Very soon, my wife and I are going again. This time we are going to try the lunch menu. Then we will worry about paying off our credit card later, and be happy with pizzas for the following twelve months.

Phillipe Rochat’s Restaurant de l’Hôtel de Ville is three star Michelin rated. There is no higher rating that this.

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Ahhh Rochat!
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