Stephtin ReadsWhile there are many self publishing services flying around the Internet, there is one service that has been missing. An objective, professional and detailed assessment of a manuscript before publication. Luckily, someone has filled this gap and is starting a new service for self publishing authors.

I have been in contact with Steph Thomas, who holds a degree in media production and script writing, for some time now as she has developed her project. To get a taste of what she is offering, Steph kindly completed reports on two of my books and I was astounded by the detail of her findings.

The first part of her report was character Impressions and first impressions from reading the first ten pages. The second part I think is the most innovative. It is her unedited notes as she reads and denoted by page numbers. In the case of my two books, these notes numbered around thirty and were incisive in understanding the strengths and weaknesses of my story. Finally a detailed summary of the book and how the story works for an objective reader.

Script reading was always my favourite part of my degree. I love reading other people’s work and being able to discuss it with them. Writing is important no matter what anyone says, to some a book may just be a story but to me a book is a little part of the person who wrote it. It will hold within it their views (whether they know it or not), their sense of humour and in many ways watered down versions of people they know or have met along the way.

StephSteph is passionate about reading and in my mind, with her education, dedication and personality will help many authors refine their manuscripts prior to publication.

If you would like to find out more about Steph and her new project to help self publishing authors, here are her main links.

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A Useful Service For Self Publishing Authors – At Last
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