My guest blogger today is Valerie Brooks. Better know to some as Valiant Val. Her writing style has impressed me ever since we crossed each other’s path by some weird but fortunate flash of fate for me. So please read on and ‘feel’ the wonderful hard edge in Valerie’s words.

A Time of Pain

“I am here,” I whisper breathlessly, yearning for you to appear to me. Our secret place, where we used to always meet, where I find myself alone again. The night is still, the air cool against my skin. I shiver, naked and cold. If only I could feel your warmth again, to feel your arms encompass me, pulling me into the safest place I know. Where have you gone, my love? My soul is empty without you, my life a void of bleak existence. Are you punishing me? Oh, what have I done for you to leave me alone and afraid.

I fall to my knees, feeling the rocky surface breaking the flesh on my knees. Yet the only pain I feel is the absence of you. I beg of you, my love, return to me! A gust of wind beats against me, bringing with it a steady chilling rain. My tears mingle with the falling drops, falling over my cheeks, icy freezing slivers left as tracks. “I’m so sorry,” I barely manage as my grief consumes me and I fall on the rocks beneath me. I lie frozen, staring into the dark chasm in front of me, I am empty, I am dead without you. I am frozen. My eyes close against the pain, I am consumed by darkness.

“I am here.”

Could it be?

“I am here, my love.” Your mimicked words pierce my mind as I feel myself being lifted from my frozen sorrow. I surrender to your warmth, your arms holding me against your chest. I press my ear against you, needing to hear your heartbeat. I am calmed. The warmth of you begins to melt away the icy cold. I surrender. I am yours. Please take me with you, I plead in my mind.

Your lips press against mine as you hold me closer. I reach up to your face, I need to feel you. “Look at me,” you demand, but I cannot. I cannot open my eyes. I shake my head no, and feel the darkness reaching out to me from my heart. I want to stay here with you, my love, forever.

You walk, carrying me for what seems like forever. I will not complain, forever, with you is where I want to be. Feeling you next to me, near me, in me. I sleep, comforted by you. Upon waking I feel I am on a soft pile of pillows, I sense you are in the room with me, but I will not open my eyes. You come to me, pressing your body against mine, I am consumed. I can see the emerald blaze of your eyes in my mind as I feel you press your face into my neck, your hands exploring my body. It’s ecstasy, you against me. I wonder if you feel it too? The weight of you pressing down on me arouses my very essence, the stubble of growth on your chin raking across my skin only serves as an aphrodisiac, rocking me to my core. “I love you,” I moan, feeling the heat of your breath against the side of my face.

You pin my arms above me with one of yours, asserting the control you have over me. I will always surrender to you. My love, the man I trust. “,” you command in a whisper against my ear. I slowly open my eyes, tears begin falling, I am unable to stop them. Again, you are gone. Again, the emptiness consumes me as I roll over in bed staring out the window as the sun begins its trudging journey across the sky. Another day I have to survive without you, my love. Come back to me tonight, oh please return to me.

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A Time of Pain
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4 thoughts on “A Time of Pain

  • 16/10/2010 at 6:59 am


    Thank you for the opportunity to post on your blogsite. It was a pleasure and an honor. I hope you enjoyed the story :o)


  • 16/10/2010 at 9:45 am

    I think it should be me doing the thanking Val. A wonderful post. I think I might have to change my style now, as you post has received more views than any of mine ever do !

    Please come back here again soon.

  • 27/10/2010 at 8:56 pm

    It's just because we love both of you- so it's a winning combination!

  • 11/11/2010 at 6:33 pm

    What a beautiful piece Valerie! It gave me the chills. You transported me to a beautiful place.
    You are truly a gifted and passionate writer.

    Thank you for this very touching and moving post.
    I love your style!

    Best Wishes,

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