Vandalism of Words by Derek HainesToday sees the publication of my new book Vandalism of Words. It is a little unusual, as for now it is being released as an e-book only and at two very distinct prices.

Free and US$0.99.

Why two prices I hear you ask. Well obviously the free option is not a price, but 0.99c is.

My logic is this. If a reader wants to download and read this book for free, they are more than welcome and I hope they enjoy the stories and anecdotes. However, if a reader thinks that I could do with some nourishment and protein, they can select the option of paying 0.99c and contribute to my food fund via Smashwords or Amazon Kindle.

A third alternative is of course to download the free version, read, and then feel guilty and return to buy the 0.99c version.

The fourth option doesn’t appeal to me very much, but I suppose it is to ignore this book completely and not get into a twist about making decisions tinged with guilt. This option gives one a guilt free feeling, but be careful about lingering curiosity.

So what is this new book about?

Great question. The answer is so splendidly simple. This book is about anything, everything and nothing. It is an ideal companion on a bus or train where regular interruptions are guaranteed as every part of this book is very, very short. Ideal also for parents of young children who get interrupted a lot by screaming, crying and toilet training. Great too for those with a limited attention span. There are around about 140 thoughts, stories, anecdotes and too good not to use again blog postings from the past year. All neatly packaged into one convenient book.

If you are curious, pop over to my website to make a choice.

If you are not interested or curious then do not click this link!

A New Book: With A Twist
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3 thoughts on “A New Book: With A Twist

  • 19/08/2010 at 9:20 pm

    Congrat's mate :))

  • 24/08/2010 at 4:48 pm

    Bought a copy this morning mate,couldn't stop laughing. I had to stop reading it in the end, otherwise I wouldn't have done justice to my new novel manuscript. Each time I take break from writing, I now have something to take my mind of the plot. Thanks Derek, you've once again made my day. :D

  • 24/08/2010 at 5:13 pm

    Hey thanks Jack! Glad it is bringing you a giggle? I really appreciate you letting me know.

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