Deconstructed CheesecakeAll credit for this brilliant idea goes to my wife, who is the super chef of the house. I think it started with her noticing a recipe for Smashed Pavlova and then she took the idea towards deconstruction and away from simply smashing the daylights out of a dessert. The deconstrucion idea is simple, but the result is both mouth watering and great eye food. Yes, that means it looks good.

So no detailed recipe here as you can use your own and then, well, pull it apart.

For this plate my wife used one of her favorite cheesecake recipes. Mango Cheesecake with Raspberry Coulis. The crust is simply the dry ingredients, which are normally just roughly crushed biscuits and maybe roasted cashews, but without any butter or binding ingredients.

Then just serve the three separate elements on a plate.

The photo with this post is my own impression that I made with the leftovers, as when my wife served it to our guests the night before, I was way too far into the wine to remember to take a photo. So you’ll just have to imagine that her presentation was much more refined.

Too simply, but a great idea for dessert when you have guests for dinner, as it can all be prepared in advance and it is oh so easy to serve. On top of that it will really impress your guests.

I can’t wait for her next deconstruction idea! Trifle, Apple Pie or Lemon Meringue Pie?

A Deconstructed Recipe
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