Rocky HorrorWhat gives something or someone that extraordinary undefinable quality that encourages people to follow with an ongoing zeal and passion. A lot of these mass followings are for media blasted people and events, where as others (the ones I prefer) were flops to begin with and achieved their fame and cult status after initial failure and an unkillable belief in themselves.

Included in this latter category in my mind are The Blues Brothers, Woodstock, ABBA, AC/DC, The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Douglas Adams and Tom Waits. I am sure you can think of more.

While celebrity status is created and crucified every day my our media, the cult icons are immune to such treatment and no matter what is written about them, they stay above it all. The recent Tiger Woods media fiasco is proof of what our celebrity icons suffer. In all his years with AC/DC, I am sure Angus Young has not always been an angel, but when has he ever created a media scandal?

As proof of my point here, I would like to tell you that I in fact saw one of the first AC/DC concerts in Australia in 1972 and watched and listened to the booing, fruit throwing, hissing and a general list of vulgarities screamed at Angus and Bon Scott as they were truly booed off stage. The crowd wanted the main concert. Another cult icon. Suzi Quatro.

I know I have missed a lot in my small list of cults. How could Iggy Pop be left out? But I am sure you have your own personal list.

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A Cult Following
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  • 10/04/2010 at 3:21 pm

    You should follow one Indian news beat and see the worst side here.

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