ebooks for a coffeeDuring the months of February and March, I have had a 99c sale on a good number of my e-book titles to celebrate the launch of February The Fifth. I decided to extend it to March as that is the name of February’s eldest brother. As this promotion comes to an end, my conclusion is that it was tremendously successful.

If you would like one or more of my books on your Kindle, iPad, Nook or which ever e-reader you have, you have two choices. Get in quick before the end of March, or wait until April when the prices go back to normal. Difficult choice?

But what is the normal price I hear you ask? Well, I have done a lot of research on e-book pricing and the relative costs associated with their production and distribution as well as what the market is saying. With all this information, I have been able to discover that there is no such thing as a normal price for an e-book. The range is still from free to about $9.99. Some publishers are still holding out and charging almost the equivalent of the paperback price, but that surely cannot last much longer.

What I have decided to do after all this research, is to use a very standard index to calibrate my e-book prices.

The coffee index. Yes, it exists. Click here.

From my calculation, the price of a cup of coffee averages around $3.00 globally. So, as enjoying a coffee in a café or at Starbucks while you read your Kindle is such a great way to pass some relaxing reading time, why not make your read the same price?

Mind you, you will probably have to buy 30 more coffees to fill in your time while you read a whole book. Even more if you are a slow reader, and just imagine the caffeine buzz you would suffer after 30 or more tall lattes!

As e-books never sells for an even dollar, I will therefore make my e-books cheaper than a coffee!


A good deal?

If this is too expensive, don’t forget that my e-book Vandalism of Words is still absolutely free.

A Book For A Coffee
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2 thoughts on “A Book For A Coffee

  • 17/03/2011 at 9:00 pm

    Never thought I'd see the day when a book was cheaper than a coffee. Does this mean that coffee is too expensive?! Well, maybe at Starbucks it is. Derek, I just stumbled (as I often do) onto you blog, an am enjoying the read. I'll be taking a look at your books. ;)

  • 17/03/2011 at 9:28 pm

    I just love life's little stumbles Jayne. Welcome to my odd little world, and grab a coffee!

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