readingI know it’s a hackneyed expression, but when the weather warms up and no one gives a’ brass razoo’ about anything except finding a nice relaxing beach and a cold glass of chardonnay, it must be time for a Summer Sale. So if it’s good enough for shoe stores, who am I to argue? So let’s get on with this.

While you’re relaxing on that pristine beach with a glass of ice cold chardonnay delivered by a charming gentleman with an untrustworthy smile, and reposed on your green canvas deck chair you might think there is something missing. No, your over-sized floral  beach towel is there, your wide brimmed hat adorning your head and by the smell of it, you’re fully covered in +50 sun screen. The tops of your feet are developing a nice criss-cross tanned pattern due to your Italian sandals and the small flecks of peeling skin on your nose tell you that you are really enjoying yourself under the skin cancer producing rays of the summer sun.

So what’s missing? A book of course. Well, let me say that again with a more up-to-date expression. Your Kindle is empty, your Nook is bare or your iPad is idle. Yes, summer on the beach is about reading a book. And this summer, well, not to put too finer point on it, I would really like you to have one of my books on your e-reader of choice. Stands to reason really. Or even perhaps, one of my books that is made with paper and has pages, a glossy cover and  blank pages at the back for your kids to scribble on with their coloured pencils. (Did you do that as a kid?)

Well anyway, the whole point of this post is to let you know in a round-a-bout way that I have all, yes ALL my e-books on sale for $0.99! Well, not all really as the free ones can’t be reduced now can they? I suppose I could make the free ones $0.99 too, but that would be bordering on doing something quite Monty Python, so  I won’t.

Have a look in The Shopping Centre tab to see what is available and read a review or two.

Well, what are you waiting for? Get along to either Amazon or Smashwords and grab a Summer eBook Bargain! Or two perhaps?

Not a bad post really considering it is blatant advertising.

99c Summer eBook Sale
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